I-Corps Mentors

UCF I-Corps program works primarily with teams formed around researchers or graduate students with inventions from within UCF and our university affiliates. The majority of the participants on the I-Corps teams are researchers or graduate students who have in-depth knowledge of a technology, but have limited if any entrepreneur or business expertise . Through the I-Corps program and with the assistance of mentors, the teams will determine if they have scalable and innovative opportunities.

In addition, through the Community Affiliate Program the UCF I-Corps program is delivered by accelerators and entrepreneur support organizations to existing teams with startup ideas across Central Florida. The majority of the participants on the I-Corps teams in the Community Affiliate Program are first-time entrepreneurs who have already formed their new venture around high-growth “gazelle” market opportunities.

UCF I-Corps Mentors are a diverse pool of professionals ranging from corporate executives, industry experts, and serial entrepreneurs.