I-Corps was a wonderful experience, and we are truly lucky to have this program in Central Florida. The Business Model Canvas and Lean Startup Methodology are proven to work, and having Jerry Engel visit to help us kick off really added to the sense of responsibility and importance. It is a grueling and tough process – but so is entrepreneurship. I was pleased to see the growth in my team over the first 10-week cohort, and to see the growth and experience demonstrated by all the other teams. There is no question this program is fantastic, and I look forward to more participation in the future.

The UCF I-Corps program provided me with the knowledge, the resources, and the confidence necessary to take an idea that was made in a garage with parts from a junkyard to an actual marketable product.

This was a priceless opportunity which I can attribute a lot of my team’s success to. We were able to quickly learn what worked and what didn’t work about our business model while being advised by a panel of highly experienced mentors. This was critical for my team as we were engineers with no business experience so the program helped create a smooth transition from engineer to entrepreneur.

The grant funding allowed us to manufacture a more robust prototype that we were then able to use to obtain feedback from people who we thought would be our customers. Running these experiments taught us who our customers were and what type of product they really wanted.

We were then able to determine what we need to go to market and closed 5 sales in the first month. We have proven that the methodology taught in the UCF I-Corps program is useful and effective.

Dear Oscar, I would like to thank you and the rest of the I-Corps instructors for the outstanding four week course. I came in with high expectations and was not disappointed. I learned more in the last six weeks than the prior six years I spent at EA. I came into the project intimidated. However, I feel confident I can present the business to potential partners, investors, and customers. It was an outstanding investment of time.

With the help of UCF’s I-Corps program, which pairs selected UCF students and faculty teams with industry mentors and funding to develop new technologies, Nash and Blair have formed a company – called IDem – to manufacture the devices and take them to market.