Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a difference between UCF I-Corps and the NSF I-Corps?

Yes. The UCF I-Corps is a regional program to benefit the entire state of Florida and southeast US. You do not need to an NSF lineage to apply. The NSF I-Corps is a national program which requires the PI to have an NSF lineage. It provides $50K in grant monies to complete the program. We encourage many of our UCF I-Corps graduates to also apply for the national program once they meet the minimum requirements.

Can you help me find a mentor and develop a team?

Yes! Please contact us for assistance.

Is the entire team required to participate in all of the seminars, workshops and on-site assignments?

Yes, every member of the team must be fully immersed in the process and committed to the time and tasks required.

How do I know if my technology will qualify for the I-Corps program?

What should I do about my IP or patent pending?

Although confidentiality is a requirement of the program, we highly recommend you consult your patent attorney or UCF Office of Technology Transfer to discuss any concerns you may have prior to applying.