Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a difference between UCF I-Corps and the NSF I-Corps?

Yes. The UCF I-Corps is a regional program to benefit the entire state of Florida and southeast US. You do not need to an NSF lineage to apply. The NSF I-Corps is a national program which requires the PI to have an NSF lineage. It provides $50K in grant monies to complete the program. We encourage many of our UCF I-Corps graduates to also apply for the national program once they meet the minimum requirements.

Can you help me find a mentor and develop a team?

Yes! Please contact us for assistance.

Is the entire team required to participate in all of the seminars, workshops and on-site assignments?

Yes, every member of the team must be fully immersed in the process and committed to the time and tasks required.

How do I know if my technology will qualify for the I-Corps program?

What should I do about my IP or patent pending?

Although confidentiality is a requirement of the program, we highly recommend you consult your patent attorney or UCF Office of Technology Transfer to discuss any concerns you may have prior to applying.

What is the UCF CIE and how can I tap into their programs and expertise?

The UCF Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship (UCF CIE) is a university wide program that consolidates and coordinates UCF’s major innovation and entrepreneurship support activities to leverage university and regional partnerships. Its mission is to promote innovation, wealth creation, and the economic vitality of the Central Florida region. It will accomplish this by three objectives, which include education, research and outreach.

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