Teaching Team

The teaching team of our UCF I-Corps workshop is composed of instructors, teaching assistants, and team mentors. The teaching team for each workshop is a select group of highly experienced entrepreneurs, investors, and business counselors, all focused on helping you navigate the Lean LaunchPad methodology, keeping current with the Customer Discovery process, and translating your findings into action.  You can expect feedback and guidance from the teaching team multiple times each week, outside of the classroom as you document your work as well as during workshop discussions.

Our I-Corps workshop structure utilizes the Flipped Classroom model, so you have a role as well.  Each week, your team will present a short review of the work you did.  You’ll discuss your lessons learned from the people you spoke with, the feedback you received, and steps you’re taking to incorporate that information into pivots of your venture concept and your business model.

Mentors have a unique dual role in our I-Corps program.  They serve as advisory members of a single I-Corps team but in the workshop setting they are a member of the teaching team, offering valuable critique and feedback to all teams.

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