Dr. Shanbhag’s passion is all about helping start-ups and small businesses. He knows why so many of those businesses fail and knows how to minimize those failures. Working with their founders and teams, he figures out where they are, where they want/need to be, and the best way to get there. He focuses on searching for business models with product/service and market fit and assists in executing profitable business models. He brings his expertise in combining “sustainable competitive edge” with “business-creativity” to establish a sound foundation for start-ups and small businesses.

Throughout his entire business career, Shan continually focused on understanding how customers make their buying-decisions. As a Mentor and Business Advisor he coaches start-ups and small business owners on all relevant key success factors.

Shan spent over 25 years leading product development and market introduction with major corporations (General Foods, Unilever). His team launched over a dozen successful products/brands that have generated billions in profit. He was successful in authoring 13 patents, and establishing several well known brands including Crystal-Light, Slim-Fast, Pop-Rocks, Fruit ‘n Fiber and many more!

For the past 25 years, Shan has dedicated himself to mentoring and advising start-ups and small businesses as well as volunteering and mentoring business owners at SCORE Orlando, Starter Studio Orlando and UCF I-Corps

His message is based on two fundamental beliefs:
• “Business is all about customers, all the time, at every touch point and through the entire Business-Journey”
• “Culting the Brand is the best way to guarantee business success, because your customers won’t let you fail”

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