I-Corps Teams

Teams are generally comprised of three people:

  • Entrepreneurial Lead (EL)

    The entrepreneurial lead (EL), typically a postdoctoral researcher, graduate student, undergraduate, or other student, possesses relevant technical knowledge and a deep commitment to investigate the commercial landscape surrounding the innovation. The entrepreneurial lead should also be prepared to support the transition of the technology, should the I-Corps project demonstrate a level of readiness appropriate to leave the academic institution.

  • Principal Investigator (PI)

    The principal investigator (PI) serves as the technical lead and project manager, who deeply understands the science and limitations of the technology.This role is often assigned to a faculty member, PhD or Researcher.

  • Industry / I-Corps Mentor

    This team member is typically a seasoned entrepreneur or business executive with 10+ years of industry experience. The Mentor guides the team forward and serves as a sounding board. They also assist the team in finding relevant research and individuals to interview. The Mentor interprets results of the “tests” and offers honest opinions on feedback received. UCF I-Corps will provide you with a mentor if you do not have one.