Benefits to Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Streamline your success by understanding how your idea will connect with society. I-Corps provides you with the tools and foundation you need to examine feasibility of your product and prepare it for launch into the marketplace.

I-Corps helps promote and provide:

  • A comprehensive understanding

    of how your technology has value to society.

  • Learn the Lean Startup process

    which can be applied in both startup and corporate ventures

  • Discover potential markets

    for your technology

  • An awareness of the process and steps

    to commercialize your technology

  • Accelerate your understanding

    of how to transform an idea into a profitable enterprise

  • Expand

    your network

  • Valuable insight from industry professionals

    and mentors who once walked in your shoes

Why Get Involved?

  • Student

    • Get out into the world!
    • Develop a greater understanding of technology and how it can benefit society.
    • Discover new markets for technology previously unexplored.
    • Gain an appreciation for what it takes to commercialize technology and the barriers to adoption.
    • Boost self-confidence and presentation skills.
    • Save years and money by accelerating understanding through experiences.
    • Expand your network exponentially, through priceless contact with teachers, investors, customers, and mentors.
  • Faculty

    • Discover new markets previously unexplored for technology and a comprehensive understanding of its value to society.
    • Experience what it takes to commercialize technology and the barriers to adoption.
    • Apply the tools learned here to many situations, including making your research better.
    • Save years and money by accelerating understanding through experience.
    • Increase consulting opportunities.
    • Access exciting networks of potential customers, licensors, and/or experienced entrepreneurs.
    • Enable your research assistants to gain valuable skill sets and ready them for future successful technology transfer pursuits.
    • Learn more about further applications or new areas of research to pursue.
    • Make connections with the nation Science Foundation.
  • Mentor

    • Help contribute to an innovation ecosystem that will change the future of the state of Florida and the Southeast.
    • Increase networking opportunities with other I-Corps teams and the I-Corps mentor network.