Teaching Team

Ivan Garibay, Ph.D.

Ivan Garibay, Ph.D., has more than fifteen years of experience in the information technology sector combining industry and academic environments. He is the Director of Technology and Innovation at the Office of Research and Commercialization, and Assistant Professor at the Institute of Simulation and Training. Dr. Garibay is the founding director of the UCF Complex Adaptive Systems Laboratory and is research interests include agent-based modeling, network science, evolutionary computation, complex systems, economic and social complexity, and technological innovation and its impact on innovation ecosystems and economic growth. He is also Joint Faculty at the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Electrical and Computer Engineering Division. He is a member of AAAI, AAAS, IEEE, and ACM and serves as a reviewer for multiple journals including Genetic Programming and Evolvable Machines Journal, the Evolutionary Computation Journal, the IEEE Transactions on Evolutionary Computation, IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems, and the Neural Networks Journal. In addition, Dr. Garibay is currently serving as the founding director of the UCF I-Corps Program.

His research interests are information technology, agent-based computational economics, innovation ecosystems, evolutionary computation, complex adaptive systems, economic modeling, computational social sciences, game theory with particular focus on (i) innovation ecosystems computational analysis and modeling; (ii) mathematical modeling and agent-based modeling of complex systems including co-adaptive systems, autonomous agents systems, multi-agents systems, self-organizing systems, and developmental systems.