Teaching Team

Lori Ingle


Lori C. Ingle is an Associate Professor of Film in UCF’s School of Visual Art and Design, teaching Film Directing, Screenwriting, Picture Editing, and Narrative Cinematic Language. Ingle’s credits include the award-winning PBS documentary “The Call of Story, An American Renaissance” (Director, 2004) and two short 35mm films, “Detour” and “No Worries,” screening as Official Selections in over twenty international film festivals (Producer, 2006/2008).  She has 13 years experience on 11 Hollywood films in picture editorial, including James L. Brooks’ “As Good As It Gets,” nominated for an Academy Award for Best Editing (Associate Editor, 1997). Her current research includes interactive cinema, short films, and experimental film art installations that explore and support twice-exceptionality and inter-generational relationships.