Diversity & Intercultural Communication Training

Simulation Based Intercultural and Diversity Training

A growing number of businesses have an international presence, requiring cross-cultural teams to effectively and efficiently work together to ensure productivity in globally competitive markets. While many diversity and cross-cultural training programs rely mostly on traditional lecture-based presentations, Diversity & Intercultural Communication Training’s technique is audience-based. Their engaging platform involves hands-on exercises, role play and computer games, all of which are especially attractive to the younger generation of international workers who are visually oriented and value practical experience as opposed to traditional lectures.

Dr. Houman A. Sadri, Associate Professor & Coordinator of the UCF Model United Nations Program, developed the platform after years of utilizing

various technologies for intercultural and diversity training. He now intends to use computer simulation to teach individuals about complex intercultural and cross-national challenges and opportunities. Sadri feels his diversity training ideas decrease unintended conflicts while smoothing over interpersonal challenges. This, according to Sadri, will allow international teams the opportunity to work more effectively and creatively together.

Sadri serves as the Academic Team Lead, while UCF graduate student Greg McDowell assumes the role of Entrepreneurial Team Lead.