AR Enhanced Playing Cards

On-Demand Procedural/Process Based Training Tool

Born out of a project they worked on for the UCF Institute for Simulation and Training (IST) in 2009, Angela Hamilton and Michael Eakins seek to revolutionize how training is delivered both in government and private industries. The framework includes physical playing cards with instructional content, optional augmented reality media launched from mobile devices, spaced reinforcement via a mobile app study guide, and other digital features.

The team initially developed the framework under research funded by Army Research Lab. They use playing cards in conjunction with supporting online and mobile applications to reinforce learning of lifesaving emergency care procedures across four unique Combat Medic role specialties. What makes this format so innovative is the fact that it is highly adaptable for a wide range of instructional content. The team produced an Ebola-themed version in less than two weeks using official CDC content. It also employs the transmedia approach to learning and has a foundation in proven cognitive science.

“The flexibility and adaptability of the card framework meant we initially had an overwhelming number of potential customer segments and value propositions to explore,” explains Hamilton. “Through the customer discovery process, I-Corps gave us a method for prioritizing our initial customer segments, which allowed us to develop a startup strategy based on evidence rather than guess work.”

Over the last several years of iterative development, the project has generated strong interest from a variety of sectors, including military/government, private/commercial industry, healthcare, non-profits, and education.