College and University Student App

UCF communications major Milka Derisma identified a serious “information gap” faced by students desiring to transfer from one college or university to another. Thus, she has developed a user-friendly app and website ( which provide a comprehensive list of requirements and resources available for transfer students.

Derisma discovered that transfer students experience “Transfer Shock” their first semester. “Transfer Shock” happens when students experience a decline in academic performance and a drop in GPA after transferring from one institution to another. The app is designed to provide students with useful tools to help make their transition smooth and successful. Unlike other apps currently on the market, Bygshift’s product focuses on both student engagement and academics.

“This experience (I-Corps) has taught us about the core of customer validation and discovery,” explains Derisma. “This information is vital to a successful business and I am happy that we got it before we went to market.”

Derisma serves as the Entrepreneurial Team Lead while Dr. Chanda Torres, UCF Assistant Vice President of Student Development and Enrollment Services/ Previous College Consultant Assistant Vice President is the Academic Team Lead.

“This program has really validated the need to focus on our university transfer students,” says Torres. “With these results, we can make a great impact on how the universities can successfully support these students thus, resulting in higher retention and graduation rates.”