Concentrated efforts are currently employed to discover a practical solution for corrosion in industrial stainless steel pipelines. Current oil and gas pipelines corrode with prolonged exposure to air and petrochemicals, causing the feedstock in the pipelines to coagulate and pipes to rust and lose structural integrity. This issue requires frequent maintenance and results in diminished productivity. Although no permanent solution to prevent corrosion exists, research has been conducted to innovate a technology that allows for increased warranty of industrial stainless steel pipelines. BlackMINE Technologies observed the market demand for such a technology. Our technology,   a lanthanum-doped nanoceria coating, aims to provide an innovative and cost-efficient method to decrease corrosion and oxidation in operating oil refining pipelines. This coating will increase the time between maintenance checks and decrease refinery downtime, as well as increase the lifetime of the pipes.

I-Corps is a unique opportunity offered to students to help their innovative technology to the market. Through lectures and an over-qualified teaching team, I-Corps establishes a community seasoned for growth. BlackMINE Technologies took notice of the opportunity in order to determine their technology’s marketability. Oscar Rodriguez and Mike O’Donnell provided captivating, interactive lessons to provide the best education on the material in the time allotted. I-Corps offered more than just interactive lectures; along with the teaching staff, industry mentors worked to guide students in conducting interviews and networking. Abdul Mathin and Mark Blue helped BlackMINE Technologies connect with industry professionals in order to conduct interviews and give insight on the applicability of the technology to the oil and gas industry. Through ample resources, I-Corps provides students with the right environment to thrive and develop a successful business model canvas.

Our Principal Investigator, Dr. Hyeran Kang, provided insight on different research techniques and how to further develop the technology. Along with the mentors and principal investigator, the BlackMINE Technologies team includes Co-Entrepreneurial Leads Amirah Mathin and Ali Khater.

Amirah Mathin, Entrepreneurial Lead and Co-Founder of BlackMINE Technologies, is a student at UCF.

“Though there are several companies that manufacture similar products, ours is different,” says Amirah Mathin. “It is a unique,  low-cost method for controlling one of the greatest issues in the oil and gas industry, a method that we found to be highly sought after because it acts against corrosive agents at low pH and extreme temperatures.”

Ali Khater is Co-Entrepreneurial Lead and Co-Founder of BlackMINE Technologies along with Amirah Mathin, as well as a student at UCF. “After having developed our customer segment and value proposition, our next phase is to continue working with our two potential investors. We are also interested in applying for NASA, EPA, and NSF SBIR funding to further develop our company,” says Khater.