Collaboration development for substantive research, development and innovation with an emphasis on teams that include women is the focus.

Algonite (Algorithm that Unites) is an efficient method of initiating R&D relationships that eliminates the time that would normally be needed to read through an enormous number of research articles published by numerous scientists in order to identify a solution provider for a single R&D problem. Algonite will be able to provide users with the ability to quickly identify and match researchers to specific projects. Simply, YOUR-Time shortens the time between discovering a potential collaborator, identifying the needed members for a high-potential collaborative team,   determining if they are a good fit with the team and ultimately,  producing substantive innovation outcomes (i.e., patents, commercialized license agreements, etc.) Additionally, as described in previous sections the inclusion of women in the R&D teams will enhance the applicability of the outcomes, increase compatibility with diverse target markets and on a long term basis impact the economic bottom line of communities and the nation.

The project led by PI Dr. Pamela McCauley, senior researcher and CEO of the T-STEM corporation. As a seasoned entrepreneur and successful research scientist in the area of ergonomics, Dr. McCauley has had extensive interaction with the National Science Foundation. She has served as the PI or Co-PI on eight grants from NSF for technical research projects and outreach grants (including the aforementioned Women’s International Research in Engineering Summit). Dr. McCauley has led numerous research teams over the past 25 years in the area of human factors and ergonomics research. She is also well respected in the scientific community with two published books, over 80 peer reviewed scientific papers, book chapters and conference proceedings.  The entrepreneurial lead is an Industrial Engineering Graduate student with a strong interest in entrepreneurial endeavors. She has worked closely with the Primary Investigator on research teams in related areas of engineering while she pursued her B.S. in Industrial Engineering.