Building Momentum from I-Corps to the Commercial Market: Talon Simulations Sells Its Full Motion Simulators

image10288072055Distinguished as one of the first cohorts in UCF’s inaugural I-Corps program, Talon Simulations has successfully transitioned from the Lean LaunchPad program to commercialization. Led by graduate student Brandon Naids, Talon has been recognized for its Atomic A3 Full Motion Simulator, which is for sale to customers worldwide.

Talon recently entered into an agreement with U.K.-based Atomic Motion Systems, which is handling product development and manufacturing. Talon’s Atomic A3 Full Motion Simulator is available as a racing/flight system, hands-on throttle and stick jet system and passenger/ride system. All simulators are packaged with Simphynity motion extraction software with over 100 supported games and Oculus Rift virtual reality headset support.

“Partnering with Atomic Motion Systems was the right fit and the right time for us,” says Naids. “They have great manufacturing capabilities and proven reliability. The relationship allowed us to immediately enter the market.”

Through their I-Corps participation, Naids and his Talon team worked to develop an in-flight training simulator that bridged the gap between expensive, bulky modules and those that are cheaper, static and of lower quality. Their focus was to develop an immersive, affordable and effective flight training simulator. The simulator has received accolades from flight instructors as well as commercial and military pilots during initial demonstrations.

Thanks to its use of flight simulation software, precision motion control and a 360-degree head-tracking virtual reality display, Talon’s simulator provides a reduction in the motion sickness that can occur from this type of simulation training.

“Talon Simulations began with a vision and a passion to revolutionize how pilots learn to fly,” explains Naids, who credits the UCF I-Corps program with providing his team with crucial business knowledge and market intelligence. “The UCF I-Corps program helped launch us down the path of commercialization that we’re following today.”

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