UCF I-Corps Directors and Board Members

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Thomas O’Neal

Executive Director, Associate VP of Research & Commercialization, UCF
Executive Director,
UCF I-Corps
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Ivan Garibay

Board Member and Founder, Director, Technology and Innovation - Research & Commercialization, UCF
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Cameron Ford

Board Member, Director of the BlackStone LaunchPad at UCF
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Timothy Kotnour

Board Member, Director, Engineering Leadership & Innovation Institute at UCF
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Mike O’Donnell

Board Member, Director Venture and Capital Programs, UCF Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship
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Oscar Rodriguez

Board Member, experienced Entrepreneur and Technology Innovator
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Pallavoor (Vaidy) Vaidyanathan

Board Member, Assistant VP of Research, UCF

UCF I-Corps Team Members

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Nodar Gogoberidze

Market Research Analyst, UCF Venture Accelerator Lab
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Jack Henkel

Assistant Director, UCF Venture Accelerator Lab
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Robin Phelps

Director of Client Services, UCF Venture Accelerator Lab
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Ozlem Garibay

Teaching Team, Executive Director - RIS, Office of Research & Commercialization, UCF