High Tech Maintenance Monitoring for Modern World Applications

Every company, regardless of size, requires asset management and maintenance to operate. The assets are closely related to accounting, reporting, and analytics for businesses. Current Enterprise Asset Management (EAM & ERP) software currently lack important features such as scheduling, geolocation, multiple factor identification security, social media integration, among many others. SHAMAN at its core manages and maintains assets but extends far beyond asset management and into holistic solutions for businesses. We provide exciting artificial intelligence through predictive analytics and personalized assistance. SHAMAN understands the importance of simplicity and allows businesses to manage assets without the need of additional staff by implementing better user interfaces and listening to business owners. For businesses already using an ERP with an IT help desk, SHAMAN will provide a robust software that is not only fully featured but targeted toward present and future industry trends.

By implementing techniques learned from Internet of Things and Big Data Analytics, SHAMAN is able to focus on increasing efficiency while reducing costs. Our inventory management system will utilize the full benefits of NFC & RFID technology to form an interconnected network of things. If assets become defective, we provide a platform to find repairs, spare parts, and a new way to find user manuals. Businesses benefit from decreased delay times, easier implementation of repairs, quicker turnover, and better customer service.

Current technologies on the market are more simplistic and generally do not provide enough benefit to be cost effective. They also use outdated barcode systems for identification. This platform utilizes wireless technologies, provides further intelligence and predicts issues and/or liabilities by using techniques such as life cycle ranges and predictive data analytics. The service even allows users to conduct purchases within its user interface.

I-Corps is a very comprehensive program that has provided a great opportunity to this team. I-Corps is a systematic way to improve ideas and develop a solid business plan.

Christopher Rose, UCF M.S. from MAE, studying for a PhD in mechanical engineering is the Entrepreneurial Team Lead and Dr. Luis Rabelo, Ph.D., UCF IEMS faculty serves as the Academic Team Lead. Additional team members include Hammad Usmani, UCF computer science student; Sameer Verma: UCF computer science senior; Hamed Almalki, a UCF Ph.D. Candidate in Industrial Engineering; and Edgar Gutierrez-Franco, a Ph.D. UCF IEMS student. Deepak Mohan serves at the team Mentor.