iMyth is combining technologies from film and game to create an immersive, reconfigurable virtual reality theme world experience

Is it possible to combine technologies from the film, game and theme worlds to create an immersive, virtual reality experience for theme park audience members, avid gamers or emergency responder trainees? The team at iMyth thinks so … and the market insights they’re receiving as part of their participation in UCF’s I-Corps program is supporting their idea.

In a typical theme world, virtual reality environment, the user experience is usually dictated by content generated from a single technology path—film or game. For example, a virtual reality experience could be created through a physical space and the use of film and projectors, or it could be created within a head-mounted we see with game and training simulators.

“The iMyth team’s proposal of combing these separate content generators into a single virtual reality experience is quite provocative and ground-breaking,” explained UCF visiting professor Chris Roda, Center for Emerging Media, Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy, who serves as the Academic Lead for the iMyth team. “The ultimate goal is to create a reconfigurable, immersive virtual reality theme world experience.”

In addition to Roda, the iMyth team also includes Mesut Ozdag, Entrepreneurial Lead, team members Carlos Weiser, Corey Wilmot and Alex Gramatikas, and industry veteran and team Mentor George Gramatikas.

The team, which ultimately would develop the interactive computer program to serve as the architect of immersive and reconfigurable theme worlds, believes the market opportunity could include game, amusement and defense industries.

“What we’re proposing—amalgamating the content from diverse content generators—is complex and challenging,” said Ozdag. “The opportunity, however, could be significant. Thanks to our efforts in the I-Corps program—and the business and market insights that can be gained—we’re taking the initial steps of moving this abstract concept to reality.”