E-Book Platform

Dr. Issa Batarseh, a Professor and Chair of the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, has developed an e-textbook platform with dynamic and interactive learning modules for enhanced teaching and learning in STEM related curricula.

Redefining STEM textbooks—adaptive text platform team

The adaptive text platform team, part of the inaugural UCF I-Corps class, is developing an innovative e-book platform that could forever change the role and definition of a college textbook.

Aiming to enliven and revitalize STEM-related curricula, the adaptive text platform will feature dynamic, interactive learning modules to enhance the teaching and learning experience.  The result will be an adaptive and interactive e-book that functions like a modern computing device rather than a traditional, hardcopy textbook.

“We envision a new generation of textbooks—ones that can support multiple pages of visual presentations behind each page of text with infinite equation/value possibilities that can be customized by the professor or academic institution,” said Issa Batarseh, Ph.D., the team’s Principal Investigator and UCF College of Engineering and Computer Science faculty member.

In addition to Dr. Batarseh, the team includes business veteran Michael Judith who serves as a Mentor, UCF student Ahmad Abualsamid, and former UCF students Serina Haddad, Ph.D., and Ghaith Haddad, Ph.D.  Through the UCF I-Corps program, the team will work to validate the business case and identify market opportunities for the e-book platform.

Dr. Batarseh believes the college textbook sector for STEM education presents a breakthrough opportunity for the e-book platform which would provide richer, visually engaging material, and create an enhanced learning experience—one that would stimulate students’ creativity and imagination when interacting with abstract theoretical concepts.

“It’s a significant opportunity to take part in the UCF I-Corps program,” said Dr. Batarseh. “We’re going to gain business knowledge, market intelligence and new insights into product strategies that could re-define our value proposition and how we approach the market.”