Brilliant Teach

Educational Solutions That Disrupt the “One Size Fits All” Teaching Model.

UCF I-Corps team Brilliant Teach saw that there was a problem with creating uniform curricula in the teaching community. Teachers and professors are normally required to adhere to a state or national curriculum that does not necessarily meet the needs of an increasingly diverse student population. The issue at hand was that state and national educational committees design educational programs around measurability, rather than effectiveness.

Brilliant Teach found a way to develop a system that caters to unique and individual learning preferences, while also appealing to teachers and curriculum developers. The team set out to accomplish their goal with a “build it and they will come” mentality. This proved to be ineffective and Brilliant Teach decided to focus on new methods to create a relevant product. After joining the UCF I-Corps program, Brilliant Teach began looking at the needs and pains of their niche customer segments. Utilizing UCF I-Corps methodology, Brilliant Teach began canvasing potential customers and collaborators. After three pivots and multiple customer segments being validated, Brilliant Teach was able to develop two viable product models.

The first model would provide educators an optimized teaching and learning environment with independent learner assessments that offer tests, reports, and recommendations on how to support students in areas of weakness. All of this information can then be seamlessly integrated in the educator’s learning management system. The second model provides students with access to an interactive educational portal. The portal would act as a substitute tutor by giving real time learning strategy recommendations and practice material.

Brilliant Teach is now making substantial headway in the educational industry with Roger Hamilton, Ph. D., as the entrepreneurial lead and UCF’s Associate Professor and Coordinator at the Instructional Design & Technology program, Richard Hartshorne, Ph. D., as the principle investigator. Tim Sharpe, owner of 18 patents, and former 16 year employee at Microsoft, also dedicated a significant amount of time to this project to bring the Brilliant Teach learning platform prototype to life.

While the educational system is far from being revolutionized, Brilliant Teach believes that it can make a meaningful impact on the education system in the United States, and hopefully to spread this success to other countries.