Stay Connected with UCF I-Corps

UCF I-Corps is about to be the next big thing for researchers on campus, so make sure you get connected and get involved!

The I-Corps team has hit the ground running, and is already making its mark around campus and in the local community. Help accelerate ideas and research from lab space to the market by staying in tune and in touch with our info sessions, events and information about the I-Corps program at UCF.

Here are the best ways to stay “in the know” about what happens at UCF I-Corps:

  1. Check in with our website, specifically our Press Releases and Blog which can be found under our “News” tab. Here, we will post a wide variety of information on different subjects.
  2. Check the UCF events calendar for info sessions held on campus, or for events hosted by UCF I-Corps or by the UCF CIE.
  3. Follow UCF I-Corps on our social media pages! “Like” us on our Facebook page and “follow” us on Twitter.

The UCF I-Corps team WANTS you to stay involved and stay informed about all UCF I-Corps developments, and we are constantly working on making our information-sharing process as smooth and efficient as possible. We are pleased to announce that very soon, our YouTube channel will be up and running and populated with informational (and sometimes fun!) videos. We are also working on developing our LinkedIn page and group.

The most important part about UCF I-Corps right now, is getting our name out there! If you are excited by our mission, then show and share our name and pages to all of your friends, family, classmates and colleagues!

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On behalf of the UCF I-Corps team, thank you for helping to generate excitement about the program and for your assistance in spreading our name and mission to students, researchers and faculty everywhere!